Holderness, The Disappearing Coast

With a keen activist interest in climate change I created this project to demonstrate how knowledge and power can turn to greed, and as a result, damage the planets natural resources, resources we can’t live without. I have addressed the impacts of global warming by focusing on the Holderness coastline in the County of East Yorkshire, showing increasing erosion due to rising sea levels and tidal surges. Being one of the fastest eroding coastlines in Europe I have examined the effects of land loss and how it affects residents both physically and emotionally. With underlying themes of geography and geology the work takes on a topographical study, highlighting places of human intervention through the medium of sea defences and other sites, which have simply been left to nature.








A Growing Plastic Epidemic

One Man and His Boat

It’s not a secret that the world is facing a huge plastic epidemic. Photos are all over the media of wildlife that has been affected first hand by plastic. People however don’t necessarily realise just how bad it is. Travelling around Vietnam I came across a fish market, which was on the edge of this beach, a beach, which is clearly used as a rubbish dump. Education is vital not only to educate the people throwing away the plastic but also to educate people on what is happening around the world and the preventative methods in place. Travelling isn’t just about the pretty pictures you see in holiday brochures, it’s about experiencing reality too. Lets work together to help.

Mui Ne, Vietnam 2017

Mui Ne, Vietnam 2017